Meadowbank Update

Ahead of our next home match, we have an update on ticketing and match day organisation for all supporters.

We are pleased to say that our average crowds so far this season have exceeded our expectations. Whilst this has been amazing and we appreciate everyone’s support, we have looked at the match day operational plans and decided to update accordingly.

Accessing Meadowbank Stadium

One of the key pressures that has been apparent this season, is the limited number of access points into the stadium. Given the larger crowds, this has led to some delays getting tickets scanned or taking payments at the turnstiles. We understand the need to improve this and we are pleased to say that from the Falkirk match, we are able to have two access points; the existing east turnstiles will be used exclusively for visiting supporters and the new west gate, will be for home supporters. Visiting directors, media and other guests will be given access via the main reception of Meadowbank Sports Centre, all of which should ease congestion significantly.


Whilst there is no requirement for segregation at our level, the increased attendances and the advent of groups of “ultras” amongst every support, we feel it’s in the interests of everyone’s safety and enjoyment, to have a degree of segregation moving forward. As per the plan below, away supporters will be allocated sections G and F of the stand, with Falkirk supporters also having the west and north enclosures, to satisfy demand for that particular match. Unless demand dictates, typically we will only be issuing tickets for the stand, with a small standing section in the south west of the ground. These areas will be accessed via the west turnstiles.

Home supporters will use sections A and B of the stand, accessed via the east gate; again for the Falkirk game we will, subject to demand, use the temporary east enclosure for our supporters.

Cashless Payments

Another pressure point we have noted is that whilst our new pay at the gate system is working well, it does add a few moments to each transaction, especially when transitioning between ticket scanning and taking card or, to this point, cash payments. With that in mind, we will be making two changes: firstly, Meadowbank will now be completely cashless; we will have card terminals for home and visiting supporters to pay at the gates, and the refreshments van also has its own terminals. Secondly, at each entrance, we will ensure that we have a queue for pre-bought tickets, which only need scanned and a queue for pay at the gate. Additionally, should volume dictate, we can open a third queue at both entrances to ease any relevant congestion.

As a club, we are trying to monitor the match day experience at Meadowbank, which we fully accept comes with a number of significant challenges. We have developed a tremendous working relationship with the Edinburgh Leisure staff who run the centre, and their cooperation is very much appreciated. Additionally, we are maintaining as keen a price point as we can, to reflect the clear limitations of the stadium, with adults at £11, under 18s at £6 and under 12s at only £4.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Meadowbank throughout the rest of the season!