Club Licensing Update

Following a period of intense speculation over recent months, I am delighted to confirm that the club has achieved confirmation that it meets bronze licence criteria.

Over the last six months, the club has frankly been through some of the most challenging times in its history, however with today’s announcement, I hope that we can now begin to face the future with renewed optimism. I must express my sincerest thanks to the SFA licensing committee, who have worked with the club throughout the process, extending their advice and experience to us, which has been extremely helpful, and on behalf of the club, I extend our warmest gratitude.

Although achieving the bronze licence is the culmination of a massive amount of work behind the scenes, I actually see it as the beginning of a new chapter for the club. We have a committed management team, led by Michael McIndoe, who has been working tirelessly to build an almost entirely new squad over the summer break and I am excited to see how this group gels over the coming weeks. My feeling is that the energy already building will transfer to our supporters, whose patience I know has been severely tested over in recent times. The club has been quiet, and necessarily so, whilst we worked on the licensing process, however I want to assure our supporters that our silence was not indicative of inactivity, quite the reverse. We go into this season with renewed optimism on all fronts, so please keep an eye on our socials in the coming days and weeks, as we have a tremendous amount of news to come. I know it has not been easy supporting our club of late, but please keep the faith, I genuinely believe it will be worth it.

Yours in sport,

John Dickson